An emotional drug. With other such hypnotized fans just as addicted as you or any other fan are, to a specific subject.
A large group of unstable and emotional fans that devote half of their time in daily life, loving the thing they are so dedicated to.


Walter Elias Disney
Full Scale Bronze Finish Reproduction Bust

The ultimate piece for serious Walt Disney collectors. Makes a fantastic addition to a home library, office, study or historical display. 

Each piece is hand cast in resin, hand painted and buffed. The top coat of resin is infused with actual bronze powder to give it an authentic bronze like effect. The patina effect on each piece will vary as each hand crafted. The piece is a sculpted replica based on the Walt Disney"Partners" Statue which stands in front of the Disneyland castle in the main hub. 

Includes an optional 5.5 x 3.5 plaque to mount on the front of the base. 

The base measures 5.5 wide x 6.5 tall. Head measures 10.25" tall x 9.5" wide. Circumference around width of head is 26"

Total weight is 5.2 lbs. 

$750 + shipping costs

*3 available at this price, Limit 1 per customer*

(soCal local pick-up available)